Cristiano e Davide Bastianelli, fondatori di Music Tools

Music Tools is manufacturer of loudspeaker stands and modular shelves to optimize audio and video systems. We are using the best materials and thecnical solutions that make good sounding and good looking products. All MUSIC TOOLS models are designed in Italy and all the components, the manufacturers and the assembly are realized in Italy.

Music Tools was founded in 1997 from two brothers Cristiano and Davide Bastianelli. Cristiano had been working in artistic glass manufacturing for home furniture in Pesaro wich is an important distric for furniture manufacturers. The second brother Davide has been graduated as architecture at Politecnico of Milano University, he was working as house and furniture designer. Both of them loved music very much and they were very much interested to audiophile music reproduction. After several years they studyed and designed loudspeakers stands and and special shelves dedicated to audio reproduction. In 1997 they decided to found the MUSIC TOOLS company, for the research and development of the products was very important their audio room with high level audio system in that listening room are tested all Music Tools products.

In 1998 MUSIC TOOLS attended his first Top Audio Show in Milano having a big success on the Ialian market of Hi-Fi.
MUSIC TOOLS products have been since seven years in the Italian market, we have more than 75 dealers all around the country. Our modular shelves are well known in Italy and they had many reviews in the Italian hi-fi magazines: “Audio Review”, “Suono”, ”Fedeltà del Suono”.

After five years that Music Tools is showing at C.E.S. of Las Vegas as manufacturer exhibitor, we are working also in the international market with several distributors in the world: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Netherland, Slovania, Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Oman,
The model Isostatic of Music Tools has been designed from Davide Bastianelli architect and received several prize for style and design;
In 2002 the model Isostatic received the Top Award at Top Audio & Video Show in Milano;
n 2004 the model Isostatic Music Tools received the prize Oscar of the Year from “Fedeltà del Suono” magazine;
n 2005 in occasion of Furniture Show of Milano Isostatic has been selected for the best young designers Umanitaria’s Palace exibition.
The selection has been realized from ADI association wich is the one that created in Italy the important design prize “Compasso D’Oro”.

Behind the success of Music Tools products there are project sdesign, accurate manufacturing and comunication on press and shows.

Il Premio Top Award 2002 Premio The Top Audio & Video show Italy Oscar 2004 - Fedeltà del suono ItalyOscar 2004 Fedeltà del Suono Italy Dmi Designer delle Marche
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