Music Tools made a new line of accessories: STREAM LINE upgradingaudio.

The SPIKE-HULL are to be placed under each electronic machines, speakers feet or audio racks to improve your listening audio system. The upper spike works (vertically) on a complementary subdamping base, a shell structure that enclose both elements.

The combination of various high quality materials that include aluminum, stainless steel, copper and derlin with certain characteristics are able of an extraordinary improvement to audio equipments. They are designed for placing between audio electronics and their supporting. dimensions.

The SPIKE HULL dimension are: diameter 60 mm h.27 mm

Others accessories or the STREAM-LINE upgrading audio are the ENERGY: passive acoustic devices for a proper home acoustic setting, with a quarter of a cylinder dimension are to be placed in a simple way with a low visual impact design. Should be placed at each corner or overlapping on ceiling or on floor horizontally.

They act on the decay times of the low frequencies from 50 Hz right through the volume and to the surface resisted by reducing the reverberation time and response by controlling the environment to its mid-bass.

The ENERGY are made of perforated sheet steel stretched and filled with sound-absorbing hypoallergenic non volatile. The ENERGY are modular and can be purchased and used several times in different environments.

- they do not absorb sound energy positive

- they treat the low-frequency transients

- return to the midrange transparency

- Increase space and soundstage

- ENERGY dimension: height 127 cm, angled 90°, radius of 40.5 cm